Read in Malay language: Cara Robot Restoran Menentukan Pergerakannya

One of the most frequently questions we received is how the delivery robot determines its route and the tables in a restaurant? Simply speaking, there are two different ways, because each model of our current robotic solutions can either be “laser model” and “label model”.

Laser model

For the laser model, the robot stores the map of the entire restaurant floor, complete with the tables position and whatever assets positioned permanently on the floor. From the stored mapping information, the tables will be marked as its stop-over.

Rough example of how the mapping is like. (Image by Ilya Afanasyev, Researchgate)

Label model

Now, label model is similar in appearance to the laser model, except for another extra sensor which you can see on the top of the robot. The sensor is pointed to the ceiling perpendicularly. For this particular model, a set of labels need to be put on the ceiling. The sequence of labels will form the path for the robot to follow.

Example of the labels installation on the ceiling of a restaurant in Klang Valley.

Robot Laser model vs Label model, which type to get?

Typically, label model is good for a restaurant with a uniform flat ceiling that is perpendicular to the face of the robot sensor. If the restaurant has a very aesthetic shapes and unique ceiling curves, then the laser model must be used instead.

Enquiry and Interest

Such is the simple explanation for how the robot determine its route and table plans. If you have an interest to own robots and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may reach us by filling this form, or visit our Facebook and PM us there. Don’t forget to follow and like our page for more news and information about our products.

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