Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is a broadband network system that uses optical fiber to provide residents or commercial customers with all or part of the local loop used for last-mile telecommunications.

The cost of transmitting a single phone conversation over fiber optics is only about 1% the cost of transmitting it over copper wire. The biggest benefit of optical fiber is that it is truly a Multi-Media platform and it support not just only voice services but also data and video on just a single strand of fiber. UniFi is one of those services that benefits from fiber.

It is implicit that the access fiber should be classified as FTTH will cross the boundary of the user premises and terminate within the office or living room unit, or on the external wall of the premises of the subscriber, or immediately adjacent to (not more than 2 m from) the subscriber’s premises external wall.

Malaysia FTTH networks have always been the best potential option to provide a smooth and competitive broadband connectivity network for FTTH suppliers in Malaysia. Many technical advances in recent years have put everyone on the internet to turn their heads towards FTTH. Malaysia FTTH supplier acknowledges these developments and offers services and goods soon that they are looking to deploy. It is of vital importance that we measure the value of FTTH and the foreground of its world market application and growth.

Existing strong request on computer communication services like internet access services require economical solutions to provide broadband capabilities to access networks. Several approaches to broaden the access bottleneck have been proposed and tested. The requirements and system technologies to provide various multimedia services as well as the conventional telephone services.

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