Not-so recently, Archer AX90 was launched and it already started with a very competitive price which is significantly lower than the price of Archer AX6000. The question is, does Archer AX90 worth it compared to AX6000?

For those who are still searching for the better Tri-band router among these two, let’s find out.

For a start, Archer AX6000 retails around RM1000, while Archer AX90 is around RM750. Some people already maintain that AX90 is indeed better. So let’s compare.

Look-wise, AX6000 looks compact and like a sort of futuristic deck, or in a cuter way of saying, it looks sleeky chonky. Meanwhile on the other side below, AX90 has a slim look, longer antennas and has a more mysterious alien vibe to it. If you are looking for the look, then I’d say beauty is really subjective and you could either spend more or spend less in getting one you think looks better than the other. I can’t decide, they both look fine to me.

Moving on to the comparison of the wireless specs, EVERYTHING, by EVERYTHING I mean except for one… is entirely the same. The difference is merely that one additional speed as I’ve mark with that blue arrow. AX90 seems to have more options for the Wi-Fi speeds. AX90 wins.

On the left is TP-Link Archer AX6000; on the right is TP-Link Archer AX90 specification.

Let’s move on to the hardware specs.

Here is noticeably different: AX6000 has a 64 Bit clocked 1.8 GHz, while AX90 is the standard Quad-core clocked lower at merely 1.5GHz.

Ethernet ports and USB supports are probably a matter of preference and needs of each end user.

In term of security, both offered different service kit compared to the other. AX6000 utilizes HomeCare Antivirus, while AX90 employs HomeShield Security.

AX6000 doesn’t have DDoS Attack Prevention feature and Home Network Scanner like AX90 does. AX90 on the other hand, merely doesn’t have notification and log. On the guest network side, AX90 offers more options.

More comparisons are specified below if you would like to read further, but all in all, AX90 indicates that it is such a great value buy, and worth it should anyone missed on the opportunity on getting AX6000.

That is all for the comparison, I hope this helps you to decide on your purchase. If you would like to purchase AX90, don’t forget to visit the Shopee link and buy from us. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and give us a like for more updates on products and our works on fibre cabling.