After the network design is completed, then it is time to turn it into an operating communications system. The good fiber optic contractor is important to make the entire process successful. The fiber optic contractor should be able to work with the customer in each installation project through six stages: design, installation, testing, troubleshooting, documentation and restoration.

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The fiber optic contractor Malaysia must be skilled in connections of fiber optic cable plants. Each worker who will be in a network construction crew needs to be qualified and certified as a fiber technician such as FOA CFOT, as the actual construction will be performed by the individual worker, not the company, that will be doing the job. Experienced supervisor should guide the workers so that their job is always done properly.

One should be able to rely on the contractors not only to do the installation but also to assist in the network design and to help pick components and vendors. If the contractor has the task, they will be able to assist the customer in choosing the correct types of fibers, wires, connectors and hardware to install.

The professional fiber optic contractor will also be able to assist in vendor choice. Experience with different product types and suppliers will allow the contractor to assist the customer in choosing products that make the installation quicker and simpler, and better performance and more efficient.

The actual installation process can involve more than just placing, terminating and testing. If the contractor is competent and experienced, the customer may require that the contractor also order, obtain, inspect and carry components to the work site, which may be another good source of income for the contractor.

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