Cute Pet Mosquito Trapper


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Can be usable indoor and outdoor to trap mosquitoes.

1. In the bedroom, use mosquitoes, please be sure to open them in advance.
(At least 3 hours), do not open until you sleep.
2. In the uninhabited environment, the effect is better, because people
Body temperature and odour can induce mosquitoes and avoid affecting
3. This product uses physical mosquito killing method, so it kills ants.
It is not a boot that will kill the mosquito immediately.
4. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours later, because
Using physical mosquito killing, mosquitoes are dehydrated by air drying
Die, so the process takes a certain amount of time, if often
Open, afraid of the dead mosquitoes to fly away.
5. For the first time, please use it continuously for more than 48 hours, white
Please close the doors and windows and pull the curtains to ensure that
Use in dark environments, try to place it above the ground
1 meter or so, do not turn on the lights, open the doors and windows.
Do not put it in the air conditioner or fan outlet. When killing mosquitoes
Close all other lights to ensure that the mosquito lamp is the only light source.

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